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Rely on us for local tree services

Mike's Outdoor Maintenance & Tree Removal has been providing professional tree removal, trimming and pruning services for over 50 years. Our dedication to customer service and safety sets us apart from other tree companies in Monticello & Rock Hill, NY and vicinity.

Whether you're dealing with an uprooted tree or an overgrown one, our crew has the expertise and equipment required to resolve your tree issue. Arrange for local tree services today to keep your yard looking its best. We can also remove brush if needed.

Safety is our top priority

Although we carry top-of-the-line insurance, we have never needed to file a claim. That's because we emphasize safety on the job.

You'll rest easy knowing that...

  • We employ highly trained workers to operate bucket trucks, spider boom lifts and other heavy-duty equipment.
  • Our company has over 50¬†years of experience providing professional tree removal, trimming and pruning services.
  • We know how to care for any tree in New York.

Call on us when you're dealing with a tree emergency in the Monticello & Rock Hill, NY area.

Want a discount on tree removal services?

Allow us to keep the wood that we salvage from your hardwood trees. Ask for details when you request a free estimate on local tree services.

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