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Certified Arborists in Tree Cutting

The tree surgeons at Mike's Outdoor Maintenance & Tree Removal provide professional high-quality tree cutting services. Dead or dying trees, especially those near a building or a home, should be removed by an experienced tree cutting company. We have the best equipment at our fingertips to perform a successful and professional tree cutting service in Monticello & Rock Hill, NY. A tree that shows obvious signs of risk should be handled by a skilled professional to avert a danger to your home, utility lines and family. Lean on us for a reliable and safe tree cutting service.

Do You Need Tree Cutting Service?

Are you clearing land for a building project? Is your home threatened by a diseased and decayed tree? Mike's Outdoor Maintenance & Tree Removal has tree cutting specialists in Monticello & Rock Hill, NY who will brave any extreme case of a weak or leaning tree. We provide professional tree cutting service for:

  • Trees that are leaning over homes
  • Trees growing too close to electrical lines
  • Decayed trees
  • Dying trees
  • Fallen trees
  • Safety hazards
  • Stormed damaged trees

Our New York arborists cut trees that cause more harm than good to the public. If you need a tree cut due to its threat to public safety or one that has fallen from last week's destructive storm, we're ready to help you. Mike's Outdoor Maintenance & Tree Removal has extensive knowledge of the many types of tree species and experience in tree cutting for various situations. We're dedicated to providing prompt service that will correspond to your concerns.